A newly released web browser game features Leonardo DiCaprio desperately chasing after an ever-elusive Oscar trophy.

The game, known as "Leo's Red Carpet Rampage," was created by film studio The Line and broadcasting and media production group Electric Theatre Collective.

Players use the "G" and "H" keys on their keyboard to make Leo run after an Oscar trophy as he collects other awards including Emmys and Golden Globes for bonus points in the "arcade style platform game."

Throughout his pursuit of Oscar gold DiCaprio engages in races against fellow actors such as Michael Fassbender and Bryan Cranston.

It also features mini-games including one inspired by DiCaprio's character's quaalude overdose in The Wolf of Wall Street and another that encourages the actor to "act harder" to fill up a meter.

The game is free to play and was designed by Max Van Der Merwe with artwork by Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor.