A British politician's wife is facing a burglary charge for allegedly stealing a kitten from her husband's mistress, authorities said.

Christine Hemming, 52, the wife of John Hemming, who represents Birmingham in Parliament, was charged with burglary after she allegedly took the kitten Sept. 29 from the home of Emily Cox, The Birmingham Post reported Thursday.

"At the time there was a four-year-old child and an adult present in the house. The kitten had sentimental value to the 4-year-old child," prosecutor David Devine said. "Because of the deliberate targeting of Miss Cox and the history between the two women, it must be dealt with at the crown court."

Hemming was released on conditional bail and ordered to avoid all contact with Cox.

In 2005, it emerged John Hemming had fathered a child with Cox. Christine Hemming said at the time she was standing by her husband and accepting the child as a member of the family.