A Pennsylvania congressman says he didn't mean to use all the water for his event -- leaving another group to pay for what should have been free water.

A recent picnic for Rep. Robert Brady tapped out Philadelphia's free PhillyTap bottled water, forcing a community group to spend $275 for water it thought it was getting gratis, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The Water Department traditionally gives out water for community events as a public service.

Kelly Dobeck, who helped organize the Oxford Circle Community Festival, said Brady called her, saying he never would have taken more than 1,500 bottles of water provided by the city if he had known another group would suffer. He offered to send a check to cover the festival's water bill.

"I was surprised," she said. "He said he didn't know it was being taken from someone else."

The Water Department took responsibility for the snafu, the newspaper said. Even though Dobeck's group reserved the water more than three weeks in advance, Brady's organizer didn't make the request until just four days before his event, creating the shortfall.