Lauren Hussey is one of 30 bachelorettes competing on Season 21 of The Bachelor.

Lauren is a 30-year-old law school graduate from Naples, FL. The blonde beauty will be vying for Bachelor Nick Viall's heart when the show premieres Monday, January 2 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Nick will be looking for the love of his life after three failed stints on The Bachelor spinoffs.

Lauren will surely catch Nick's attention on Night 1 thanks to her good looks and apparent intelligence, but does she have what it takes to win his heart?

Below is a list of six facts Reality TV World has compiled about Lauren Hussey:

- When describing herself as a lover, Lauren says she always gives 100 percent and tries to keep a relationship fun and full of adventure.

- Lauren's all-time favorite movies are Step Brothers, Dirty Dancing and Hocus Pocus.

- If she could be any animal, Lauren says she'd choose a dolphin because they are cute, smart and get to live in a beautiful environment.

- Lauren loves state parks particularly with rock formations, family, sushi, Chap Stick, and her soft vintage Hall & Oates T-shirt.

- Lauren has zero tattoos.

- She is a country person rather than a city person because the outdoors revives her and she could definitely live on a farm.

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