FOX released on Twitter this weekend the first episode of the seventh season of Tim Allen's sitcom "Last Man Standing."

The network picked the popular show up in May after ABC canceled it last year due to a programming shakeup.

Season 7 is to premiere on FOX Friday, but it was posted online almost a week early as a thank you to the fans who fought to save it.

The series follows Mike Baxter, the church-going, married father of three adult women who is in charge of marketing for a chain of outdoor sporting goods stores in Colorado.

Returning to their roles -- along with Allen as Mike -- are Nancy Travis as Vanessa, Amanda Fuller as Kristin, Kaitlyn Dever as Eve, Christoph Sanders as Kyle, Hector Elizondo as Ed, Jonathan Adams as Chuck and Jordan Masterson as Ryan.

Molly McCook has taken over the role of Mandy from Molly Ephraim, who was working on other projects when the show was renewed.

Season 7 kicks off with various members of the Baxter family sniping at each other over politics and Ryan vowing to move back to his native Canada with Mike's daughter Kristin and their young son Boyd, played by Jet Jurgensmeyer.

Photo credit: Last Man Standing/Twitter