A valet at a Florida business learned a valuable lesson about joyriding when a customer's Lamborghini burst into flames in the middle of the road.

Witnesses who captured photos and videos of the scene Dec. 29 near the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach said the $400,000 sports car caught fire when the driver revved the engine too hard while driving past the crowds of people on Lincoln Road.

"Guy revving his lambo like an idiot and it catches fire on Lincoln rd. Be safe out there the Bros are in town," witness Tony Merenda said in an Instagram post.

Merenda later posted an "update" saying he had learned the car was being taken for a joyride by a valet driver at the time of the fire.

At least two videos surfaced on YouTube showing the car on fire in the street. A video posted by Dragan Rakonjac shows the flames being put out before a group of men help the valet push the car up the road.

It was not clear whether the valet lost his job or is facing any charges from the incident.