Laguna Beach teen Talan Torriero has announced that he's gotten engaged to Kimberly Stewart, the 26-year-old daughter of Rod Stewart who recently made headlines as Paris Hilton's would-be The Simple Life replacement for ex-best friend Nicole Richie.

According to Talan's publicist, the 19-year-old has been dating Kimberly for two months. "He told me he really likes her and they're having a good time," a friend of the reality star reportedly told People magazine. Wait, he really likes her and they're having a good time? Then what's the hold-up, why haven't these two crazy lovebirds already walked down the aisle weeks ago?

The couple reportedly announced their engagement at a Wednesday night XBox 360 party that took place at a private Beverly Hills home. Upon arriving, Kimberly showed off her 5-carat diamond Neil Lane engagement ring to Paris and her sister Nicky.

Earlier this month, Talan, Paris (who recently broke off an engagement of her own), and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos (Paris' new boyfriend) were involved in a minor car accident that capped off a night of Los Angeles clubbing.

Talan claims to have been signed by a major record label and working on an album since he moved to LA, but has so far declined to reveal the identity of the label that signed him. "I'm doing an album, which is very exciting. ... I'm supposed to be [discreet] about it, so I can't tell you what label I'm with, but it's a really big label push," he told MTV News in September. According to the interview, Talan hoped to work with Scott Storch and Robb Boldt, two of the producers working on Paris' own still-unreleased debut album (Paris first announced plans for the album over a year ago.)

Last spring, Paris had publicly announced that since she and The Simple Life co-star Nicole had had a falling out, Kimberly would be replacing Nicole on the fourth edition of the reality show.

However, despite Paris' public statements that "Nicole and I are no longer friends" and her proclamation that Kimberly would be joining the show, Paris never got Fox and the show's Bunim-Murray production company to agree to the move, resulting in the Lucy and Ethel wannabes being forced to once again teamup for what is now a homeless but still in production fourth The Simple Life edition.

Since then, Kimberly returned to the headlines when she insulted Jennifer Aniston -- GQ magazine's new "Man Of The Year" -- in an August interview with Blender magazine. After first calling Aniston "homely," she also noted that "It's not like she's gorgeous or anything." Kimberly later apologized for the remarks.

Prior to Talan, Kimberly had reportedly been dating Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis. Last fall she had also announced her (since broken off) engagement to musician Cisco Alder.