Kyle Davis and Jon Reep say they were happy to provide a little comic relief to the action-adventure flick Into the Storm.

The actors have memorable supporting roles in the movie as amateur daredevils who dream of becoming YouTube stars and seize their chance at Internet glory by chasing and trying to film the string of massive tornadoes that hits their Oklahoma town.

Asked by UPI in New York what on the screenplay page made them want to be in the film, Reep turned to Davis and said: "Did you ever see a page? I didn't see a page. I never got a page."

"We'll tell you the honest truth. When we got these parts, I think there was one page and we had like two lines on the page," Davis added. "So, when we went in to audition for this thing, it was actually for serious parts. They said, 'OK, we want you to come in and improv like you are in this tornado and you are about to get sucked up and think about how you'd really feel about losing your mom and stuff like that.' So, we were actually really crying in the scene... And then when we got the parts, they were like, 'You guys are going to be the comic relief.'"

"That scene's not in the movie any more. You're going to be idiots now!" Reep recalled.

"They literally didn't have the budget to shoot that scene. ... It would have been nice to have a nice, dramatic scene in there for us, too," Davis said.

"We improvised a lot," Reep noted.

"Ninety percent of our stuff is all improv," Davis said.

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"I don't know if you've seen it yet, but when we are on the quad and jump over the flaming pool of death, that whole thing? That was 90 percent improv. We just made up a lot of that stuff and they liked it and just said, 'Keep going.' We added probably three pages of our own dialogue," Reep explained.

"Otherwise, we probably would have had four lines in the whole movie," Davis reasoned.

The actors said they researched their roles by viewing YouTube clips of other crazy stunts people have done while cameras were rolling.

"We watched probably 200 videos of all these guys," said Davis, who was born in California. "One of the actual scenes [in the movie] where we are jumping and saying, 'I'm in a tornado!' That was a real scene from YouTube that we put in the movie because we were just like those guys in real life. That's how we did most of our research for that thing."

"You can't kill rednecks! ... We're going to be the last ones on the planet," said Reep, a North Carolina native.

Into the Storm is in theaters now. It co-stars Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh and Nathan Kress.