South Korean singer K.Will released a new album this week.

The 35-year-old K-pop star, born Kim Hyung-soo, returned with the album Part. 1 Nonfiction on Tuesday to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a recording artist.

K.Will released his debut studio album, Left Heart, in 2007, and last released the EP [RE:] in March 2015. He promoted Part. 1 Nonfiction at a showcase Tuesday in Seoul, South Korea.

"As my hiatus was getting longer, I became nervous," the singer said, according to The Korea Times. "I was worried people could forget me if I didn't make a comeback soon."

"Every year, my best song is different. This year, I want to say 'Left Heart' is the most meaningful," he said of his debut single. "I am grateful I've made it this far."

K.Will plans to release Part 2. Nonfiction after he finishes promoting Part. 1. He initially recorded 20 songs for the new album, but split the record in two to bring more attention to the different tracks.

"I felt sad imagining my precious songs going unheard. I've put much effort into recording them and they are like my children. So I decided to release my songs divided in two albums," the K-pop star explained.

K.Will is known for the singles "My Heart Beating," "I Need You" and "You Don't Know Love." He released a music video for the new song "Nonfiction" last week.