Krista continues to be a fool and totally miss the point -- what a wonderful mother she must be. Hopefully she'll soon realize how dumb she's coming across and just shut her mouth.

Interviewed Friday morning on CBS's 'The Early Show', the waitress and single mother from Opelousas, Louisiana, told host Hattie Kauffman that she has no memory of the incident that prompted 'Big Brother 2' producers to remove Sebik from the show in July.

"When Julie asked me about this, I had no recollection of what she was talking about because we were basically joking around," Krista said. "They (the producers) blew that completely out of proportion. Justin is just a fun guy. I really don't have the memory of the knife. Maybe my eyes were closed at the time, but I never viewed him as a threat. So it wasn't part of my strategy. I just didn't remember it."

Krista told Kauffman that she wasn't frightened at all by Justin's actions.

"I really didn't take it seriously," she said. "If you know Justin and if you've lived with him, then you know completely, he's off the hook. He's nuts. He's funny."

A funny nutso who's "off the hook" -- ya, sounds like just the kind of guy I want holding a knife to my neck... just stop talking Krista, you're embarrassing yourself even more.