Weeks after portraying the Virgin Mary for a film, 16-year-old New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes has revealed she is pregnant.

The New Zealand Herald Sunday reported that the Oscar-nominated actress and her childhood sweetheart, 19-year-old Bradley Hull, are expecting a child together next year and both are excited at the prospect of being parents.

"They are extremely happy about it. Totally. It's a baby," the "The Nativity Story" star's agent, Gail Cowan, said.

While the couple reportedly has the support of the actress' family, National MP Paula Bennett, has warned the actress, who was the youngest ever Best Actress Oscar nominee for her role in "Whale Rider," may be too young to be a mother.

"You should be worried about pimples, boyfriends and going out," Bennett told the Herald, drawing from her own experience of having a child at 17, "not bringing up a child."