Kevin Spacey's scenes in the upcoming "All the Money in the World" will all be re-shot with Christopher Plummer, the film's producers announced Wednesday.

The film is scheduled for a Dec. 22 release, giving the film's producers less than two months to completely redo all of Spacey's scenes.

But Spacey only worked on the film for about 10 days and many of his scenes are alone, so producers believe they can complete the task in time, Variety reported.

The film also starts Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, who will be involved in the re-shoots.

According to Deadline, which first reported the story, the decision to replace Spacey was a unanimous decision by the film's cast, crew and Sony Pictures after recent sexual abuse allegations have dogged the Oscar-winning actor.

Spacey played American industrialist J. Paul Getty in "All the Money in the World," which centers on the true story of when the billionaire's grandson was kidnapped and held for a $17 million ransom, which he refused to pay.