Kevin Spacey performed several scenes written by children opposite Jimmy Fallon during the MasterClass Junior segment of "The Tonight Show."

The "House of Cards" star appeared on the television program Tuesday night in order to read from the skits which were written by elementary students who were only given the Netflix original's title to work from.

Their performances were judged by as set of three kid directors.

Spacey adopted a spot-on Christopher Walken impression for his role as the Garbageman in the first scene, written by an 8-year-old. The skit called for a choreographed fight between the two, including a bite to the shoulder, from which Spacey's character came out victorious.

"Garbagemen are the secret heroes!" the actor said.

The second scene saw Spacey imitate Johnny Carson while the third called for Fallon to wear a blond wig to play a character named Katey. In the end, the kid director judges deemed Kevin the winner of the duel.