Kevin Hart surprised a nurse from his hometown of Philadelphia on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Natasha Lewis was chosen as Kimmel's latest #HealthCareHero on Thursday. In addition to being a nurse, Lewis also prints shirts for nurses and holds an annual coat drive in Philadelphia.

Hart joined the webcam chat between Lewis and Kimmel, surprising her in the process. The comedian thanked Lewis for her service.

"I think for the city of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love to have individuals like yourself and the team like the one that you have that are doing positive things like that you know, that's as dope as dope can be to me. So this is a big moment for me too," Hart said.

Lewis was gifted $10,000 from Beyond Meat, food for all the nurses in her unit and Beyond Meat donated one million burgers to Feeding America in her honor. Hart and Kimmel also agreed to donate coats to her annual coat drive.

Hart also told Kimmel how he went camping with his kids in their backyard, but the experience was cut short when they wanted to sleep in their own beds at night and how talked about his wife, Eniko Parrish, who is pregnant with his fourth child.

"She's excited. I think it almost got the best of her for a minute. She got a little cabin fever, but you know that's when I gotta tap in and do my job and make sure that her spirits are high. Make sure that she feels beautiful, make sure that we're as active as we can be in and around the house," Hart said of dealing with the pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.