A Florida kayaker captured video of his tense encounter with a large hammerhead shark that appeared to have mistaken his boat for a wounded animal.

Pony Donald aka The Floating Fisherman said he started to record when he was fishing during the weekend off Panama City Beach and the smell of his catch apparently attracted the attention of the hammerhead.

"Come on now, I'm not a wounded animal. Get your butt out of here," Donald says in the video.

Donald said he was finally able to ward the shark off by tapping it with his oar.

"When you're bringing up fish, they catch a hint of it," Donald told WTVT-TV. "But I made some noise and let it know I was not a wounded animal and he left."

He said the experience wasn't his first encounter with a hungry shark.

"If you're in water over ankle deep, you're in their territory now," he said.