A kangaroo with a bucket stuck on its head has been spotted again on the Sunshine Coast, five months after its first sighting. #7NEWS pic.twitter.com/8vbzj8ay0h 7NEWS Brisbane (@7NewsBrisbane) October 4, 2019

A kangaroo first spotted in the wild with a bucket stuck on its head five months ago has resurfaced, still alive and still struggling with the bucket.

Residents of the Noosa area of Queensland said the young eastern gray kangaroo, nicknamed "Bucket Head" by locals, was first spotted about five months ago with the handle of a bucket stuck around its neck.

Concerned members of the public attempted to capture the marsupial to remove the bucket, but were unsuccessful.

A resident shared photos on Facebook after Bucket Head resurfaced Thursday near Lake MacDonald.

The resident, William Watson, said Bucket Head appears to have been rejected from his mob and is being stalked by foxes, but appears to be able to eat and drink. He is asking residents who spot the kangaroo to contact local wildlife rescuers so they can attempt to remove the bucket.