The Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario, Canada, is set to open an exhibit that highlights the early career of its hometown hero, Justin Bieber.

The exhibit, made with help from Bieber's grandparents Diane and Bruce Dale, will open Feb. 18 and run indefinitely.

Bieber donated items to the exhibit, including a hockey bag and jacket from his time with the Stratford Warriors, running shoes, microphones, photographs, personal letters, various awards and more.

Titled "Steps to Stardom," the exhibit's name references how the singer started out performing on the steps of Stratford's Avon Theatre as a boy.

"The idea of it is to cover that period of his life," general manager of the Stratford Perth Museum John Kastner told The Stratford Beacon Herald.

"The steps of the Avon Theatre was probably the turning point (in his life), but for many people around here, they knew he was talented years before that."