After being nominated for eviction by Chiara Berti, the fifth Head of Household, Josh Feinberg was evicted from the BIG BROTHER 3 house based on a unanimous vote during last night’s live show. Chiara also nominated her new boyfriend, Roddy Mancuso. Lisa Donahue won the Power of Veto and chose to leave the nominations as they stood. During last night's live broadcast, Josh, the scheming waiter from Merrick, N.Y., learned his fate, said his good-byes and left the house. After leaving BIG BROTHER 3, Josh was interviewed by Julie Chen about his experience and was reunited with his girlfriend Merritt.

Josh received a unanimous vote for eviction from fellow HouseGuests Danielle Reyes, Marcellas Reynolds, Jason Guy, Lisa Donahue and Gerry Lancaster. As Head of Household, Chiara was ineligible to vote.

Following Josh’s departure, the HouseGuests turned their attention to the game’s new twist. First, viewers were shown the competition among the previously evicted HouseGuests Eric, Amy, Tonya and Lori that narrowed the field down to Eric and Amy for a chance to re-enter the house. Then, after directing each of the HouseGuests to a separate place within the house, host Julie Chen asked them to vote for either Eric or Amy to return. Based on a vote of 5-2, Amy immediately went back into the house and joined in the Head of Household competition. Danielle, Marcellas, Jason, Lisa and Gerry voted for Amy to return and Roddy and Chiara voted for Eric. It remains to be seen how this prodigal daughter will be treated upon her return.