Joe Jonas said he's "happy that people are actually showing up to concerts" for the Jonas Brothers' reunion after a three-year hiatus.

In an appearance on MTV News, the brothers performed the single "Pom Poms" from their upcoming unnamed album.

The group said they felt enthusiastic about regrouping to produce the new album.

"It feels really nice. It's kind of like we never left. We spend a lot of time together, even when we're not doing music, but finally making music together is great and we are very happy that people are actually showing up to concerts and listening to the music yet again," Joe Jonas said.

Kevin Jonas said the group created the majority of the songs for the album before scrapping them and starting over from scratch.

"It wasn't right where we wanted it to be. It wasn't progressive enough. I think this record we wanted to take the time needed," he said.

"I think it was a collective decision" to shake things up musically, Nick Jonas said. "We came to a place where we had sort of done our individual projects, and it felt like we were in a place where we were ready to create again and come back with some different inspirations."

The band is slated to go on tour this summer to support the album beginning July 10 in Chicago.