After spending the last few years using TLC's cash to support his increasingly lavish lifestyle, Jon Gosselin is now claiming Jon & Kate Plus 8 is "detrimental" to his children and seeking to have the network -- which announced plans to reduce his role and rename the reality show Kate Plus 8 earlier this week -- stop filming his family.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has had his lawyers demand TLC "cease and desist" any television production on his family's Wernersville, PA property or face potential criminal charges, The Insider reported Thursday.

"Effective immediately no production crews are to enter Jon Gosselin's family home for any reason," reads a letter from Gosselin's attorney Mark Jay Heller to TLC's lawyers, according to The Insider.

"In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authority to effectuate Police action against any trespassers."

Gosselin co-owns the property with his estranged wife Kate -- who filed for a no-fault divorce in June.

TLC has filmed at the Gosselin's $1.3 million Wernersville home since they moved there last October, however Heller contends TLC "never secured location permits" for the production company to film on the property.

While the Tuesday letter is dated the same day that TLC announced plans to re-launch Jon & Kate Plus 8 as a Kate-focused series that will be retitled Kate Plus 8 and feature Jon on a "less regular basis," Heller and Jon told The Insider they have been in discussions to pull the plug on the progam and end the children's filming for weeks before the announcement.

According to Heller, Jon has not given his consent for his children to appear in Kate Plus 8, which they contend is "a new program" and therefore not covered by Jon & Kate Plus 8's current production agreement.

"A new program known as Kate Plus 8 would certainly require the acquiescence and consent not only of Kate Gosselin but Jon Gosselin, who is the father of the eight Gosselin children, which consent Jon has not given and if necessary, Jon is prepared to seek Court intervention to make sure his children's best interests are protected," Heller told The Insider.

In addition, Heller told The Insider that the original agreement between TLC and the Gosselin family "may very well be 'null and void' and unenforceable" since the network never secured the special permits required by Pennsylvania Child Labor Law as a "prerequisite" for the Gosselin children's involvement in Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Although Jon & Kate Plus 8 is in its fifth season, Heller also suggested the children's monetary compensation is also an issue Jon is now concerned about.

"[TLC] failed to designate the appropriate compensation to be allocated to the children," Heller told The Insider.  "It may ultimately be determined that TLC has not provided for compensation for the eight children over the past four years."
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Jon is now also contending that filming for Jon & Kate Plus 8 has become harmful to his children.

"Jon Gosselin unequivocally believes that his children's continued participation in your client's television production is 'detrimental' to his children," reads the letter from Jon's lawyers to TLC's legal team, according to The Insider.

"Accordingly, Jon expects that your client will cease and desist from any and all further production which includes his eight children."

In addition, the letter alleges that TLC was already aware that any harm to the Gosselin children would be enough to end production.

"You state that your client has... 'stated many times in the past, the Company will not undertake any conduct that either Kate or Jon truly believes is detrimental or potentially detrimental to their children,'" reads the letter, according to The Insider.

The new "detrimental" claim directly contradicts Jon's own repeated public statements about allegations Jon & Kate Plus 8 was exploiting the children.

"Exploited? I don't even want to use that word, because I think it's ridiculous," he told People in June after Kate's brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi alleged the children were being exploited and Pennsylvania's Labor Department launched an investigation into whether the show was complying with child labor laws. 

"Maybe people should look that word up in the dictionary and learn what it means before they use it in headlines.  We're a family that happens to be on TV, not a TV family.  We have healthy, happy, well-adjusted, educated kids. They're bouncing around and having a good time.  Kate and I have worked our hardest to raise them that way."

Jon had also reiterated his support for the show in a September interview with ABC's Primetime program.

"I would stop it.  I am not going to make them film.  They're not being forced to film," he said.

Jon's lawyers sent the letters to TLC on the same day they also filed a document with a Pennsylvania court-approved arbitrator that -- if approved -- would suspend his pending divorce from Kate for 90 days.

The couple's divorce filing was originally slated to be finalized this fall, however Jon now says he wants to delay it for the sake of his kids.

Heller said the divorce delay and "cease and desist" letter to TLC are related.

"Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show," Heller told The Insider. "Because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident... the victims of a trainwreck."