Kate Gosselin apparently isn't as eager as Jon to quit their TLC reality series.

"Jon's opinions and his goals are his.  I know that personally, for myself and the kids, this has been a good experience.  It continues to be a good experience," the Jon & Kate Plus 8 matriarch said during an interview on CNN's Larry King Live on Tuesday night.

"Really, the network has been extremely supportive, above and beyond what I feel they need to be.  I only experience good things.  Everyone works, everyone has a job, everyone has what they're dealing with.  Generally speaking, this is the most flexible, workable, wonderful job for myself."

Kate was responding to a recent comments Jon made in which he reiterated that he doesn't "even want to do taping for the show anymore" because it is contributing to the "nightmare" he's living "24/7."  However Kate apparently has no qualms continuing with the show in the immediate future.

"Currently I am happy doing the show, as are the kids," Kate told King.  "As long as it goes on, it does."

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is currently in the midst of its fifth season, and King asked Kate if there is a sixth season on the horizon.

"Is there a Season 6 contracted for?" he asked. 

"Possibly," coyly answered Kate.  "There could be or there could not be.  I hesitate to say that there will be anything because we take each season as we go and reevaluate."

King specifically asked Kate if the reality series could continue sans Jon.

"I'm not the person to make that decision.  I know that myself and the kids will continue the show," she answered.  "That would be a question for the network."

In addition, Kate said she plans on honoring the contract she signed with TLC to star in the series.

"I'm not letting the network run me," she said.  "It's a thing where we signed up for this, and do I have my opinions?  Absolutely.  Do I need to discuss them? Probably not.  I know that I signed my name to a contract and I am going to do my best to make that work as long as it is healthy and safe for myself and my kids."
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Kate filed for a no-fault divorce from Jon in June -- on the same day that a heavily-hyped Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast featured the Gosselins publicly announcing their separation.

She subsequently issued a statement claiming "Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children," but failed to elaborate on those "activities" when questioned by King.

"I am not at liberty to discuss that because for the sake of my children, I only speak positive," she said.   "There were some details there that I can't share, but that did lead me to [file for divorce]."

In the media firestorm that followed their separation announcement, Kate asserted that Jon had wanted to separate for a long time and encouraged her to follow his lead and get a lawyer; while Jon responded by claiming Kate quit on their marriage last October.

When asked by King who was responsible for the divorce, Kate danced around a direct answer.

"It's all in that vault.  It's all in that thing where it just kind of shook out the way that it did.  Everyone who is in a divorce or has been is responsible to a degree," she replied.

"It's just an issue we discussed amongst ourselves.  I don't feel like that is something we need to discuss the details of.  My main concern is my kids, and I don't want them to see or hear anything on TV that I didn't discuss with them.  We discuss what they need to know at their developmental age group, but I don't feel like I need to go any further than that at this time."

Kate said her 8-year-old twins "understand the process" of the divorce that their parents are going through and are coping with it as best they can.

"They're working through it, the same that Jon and I are," she said.  "They're doing remarkably well.  This has opened up a lot of discussions between them and myself -- a lot of questions come my way.  We're dealing with it.  They're doing very well, considering."

While Kate said they have "not started that process" of counseling, she said it will "absolutely" happen "when the time is right."

"As any child, when their parents are divorcing, they wish that we could be together," said Kate about the kids.

Kate said custody of the kids was not arranged by a court and was instead set up "very peaceably" between Jon and herself. 

In addition, she said the reason custodial time is spent at their Wernersville, PA home is twofold -- because it is "not possible" to physically relocate eight children on a regular basis and because they financially couldn't afford two separate homes large enough to accommodate all the kids.

"We bought that house for the kids.  It is the kids house, and it is the most stable, normal thing for them to remain there," she told King.  "I do live there with them, and he does when he has the kids."

The arrangement has led to some problems, as police were called to the home earlier this month to reportedly break up a verbal argument that resulted from Jon refusing to allow Kate access to the property.

According to sources, the argument occurred after Kate traveled to family's home after calling the house and learning that Jon, who had custody of their eight children at the time, was using a babysitter who didn't meet her approval.

"The tabloid and the whole media mess always makes it worse than it is.  It actually was not this huge fight," Kate told King. 

"It was just a thing where I wanted to be there with the kids as opposed to a babysitter.  He wasn't fond of that idea.  I just had a very rough day -- I have good days and bad days -- this day was a rough day.  I just wanted to be with the kids if he wasn't going to be with them."

Kate said she eventually "left peaceably knowing it was his day to be there."

Unlike Jon -- who is currently dating 22-year-old Hailey Glassman -- Kate said she isn't romantically involved with anyone at this time because she's "too busy."

"I'm lonely, but I'm very busy," she told King.  "I'm actually all right."

Kate said she has mixed emotions about Jon dating -- specifically when it deals with introducing their children to a new girlfriend.

"These are all things that everybody who has been or will be or is in the middle of a divorce goes through," she said.  "It's just that... You know me.  I have to have control.  It's a control issue."

"You are a control freak?" asked King.

"I've been known to be one, yes," replied Kate.  "There are very good aspects of being a control freak.  I'm very driven, I don't stop.  Nothing less than the best.  Keep moving, keep moving.  I think that's a great aspect.  I enjoy that part of my personality.  I persevere.  I will not lay down and die."

With all of the animosity between Jon and Kate in recent months, King wanted to know her feelings on him as a father.

"Is he a good father?" asked King.

"He is," replied Kate. 

"Why the pause?" continued King.

"Uh... His decisions right now are not ones that I would necessarily make, but down deep in his heart, I know that he is [a good father]," she replied.  "I think that I'm looking more towards the future and the decisions of today that effect tomorrow, more so than he is."