Kate Gosselin has strong feelings about her estranged husband Jon dating Hailey Glassman and potentially bringing the 22-year-old around the couple's eight children, however she said she chooses not to address the matter in public.

"I'm not going to lie, it's difficult.  This is all difficult," said the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star as a guest co-host during Monday's broadcast of ABC's The View.

"You have seen me react the way you have seen me react -- and you will continue to see me react that way -- because truly, it's not a coined little phrase.  It's not a little quote that I release out there saying, 'For the sake of my children.'  I know I've been mocked.  The truth is, for the sake of my children I am going to continue taking the high road because it's the only road for me."

Despite deciding to take the "high road," Gosselin admitted it's "not easy."

"I melted down over the weekend, in the privacy of my own home, I melted down," she added.  "It's difficult.  It's difficult to wake-up everyday and wonder what things are going to be thrown my way."

Much of Gosselin's ongoing divorce from Jon has played out in the media -- beginning with the couple publicly announcing their separation during a Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast this past June.

However Gosselin said she never imagined her family would become public fodder when the TLC reality series premiered a few years ago.

"Season 1 to Season 5 is a totally different world," said Gosselin about the show.  "When we started it was innocent.  First of all, TLC and Discovery has never had a show that has done what our show has done.  So when they came to us and said, 'Hey, let's do this little documentary.'  We were like, 'Oh, it's cute."

Gosselin said things eventually changed when the public took an intense interest in her family's life, something she claims most other reality families don't have to deal with.

"Do they have paparazzi following them?  Chances are, no," said Gosselin before adding her family has also reaped a financial benefit.

"Do they have all of things that have come out of it for us for whatever reason?  No.  So you're going into it saying it's a great thing.  But we slowly eked into this, and so many people are so funny.  They say, 'Just stop.  Just pull out.'"

"Could you?" asked The View co-host Joy Behar.
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"No," replied Gosselin.  "I could stop and I'd still have all of the flack and the lack of paycheck.  Let's face it, I have to support my children.  I'm a single mom, and now more than ever I need to be out there working hard.  It comes with a price.  Every job that everybody chooses to do comes with a price."

While she and Jon are paying the price, Gosselin adamantly denied her kids are also suffering from the exposure.

"There's no price for our children," she said.  "I still remain they're playing in-front of the camera.  If they feel like going and taking a nap, I say, 'Alright, we'll catch you later.'  I will never force them to do anything and I never have."

In addition, Gosselin said her family didn't choose to do Jon & Kate Plus 8 to attain celebrity status.

"We didn't go into this like, 'I want to be this huge celebrity.'  No.  It was never my focus," she said.  "My focus is supporting my children, and whatever way that comes in a healthy way that is possible for me and my family, I'm going to do it."

Gosselin then reiterated that she's a single mom -- taking a not-so-subtle jab at Jon's parenting.

"Essentially I'm doing it by myself at this point.  I'm a single mom," she said.

Gosselin and her The View co-hosts also discussed Serena Williams' ouster from the U.S. Open on Saturday following a profanity-laced tirade against one of the line judges during her match.

Gosselin said the difference between her meltdown over the weekend and what Williams displayed on the court is why she's trying to take the high road.

"I think the important thing is, here, [Williams is] in the public eye and she melted down," said Gosselin.  "Don't we all?  We are human.  I think when you are in the public eye you're held to a higher standard because people are watching you.  But you do melt down.  You are human."