Kate Gosselin is apparently having a hard time coping with the recent behavior of her estranged husband Jon -- so much so that she has decided to blame it on an alien abduction.

"I don't know if he hates me or what his feelings are.  I didn't know he had it in him to act like this.  Is he trying to take me down completely?  I don't know.  I can't figure it out.  I watch these old episodes of our show and see these glimpses of the old Jon, and it's like, 'Who is that person?'" Kate told People in a cover story interview published in the magazine's September 7 issue.

"Call me crazy, but deep down I still have this hope that one morning the phone will ring and it will be him, back to normal, just saying, 'Hey, how are you,' or even, 'Okay, that was really weird; aliens overtook me, but now I'm back.' I didn't know how to describe it for a long time, but that explanation seems to work: Aliens have taken him away."

Kate said she was particularly hurt by Jon earlier this month when he had custody of their eight children and decided to use a babysitter who didn't meet her approval -- Stephanie Santoro, a 23-year-old single mom and former "shooter girl" at Legends, a local bar Jon visits regularly.

Police were subsequently called to the couple's Wernersville, PA home to break up a verbal argument that resulted from Jon refusing to allow Kate access to the property after she called and learned Santoro was babysitting.

"I should not be sitting a mile from my house while my kids are with some girl, who, by the way, brings her own child with her," Kate told People.  "I'm sorry, your child and eight of mine?  No way."

Another problem Kate has had to deal with since the Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple called it quits earlier this summer is the impact Jon's dating will have on their eight children.

Jon is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, however he's also reportedly been romantically linked to teacher Deanna Hummel and former tabloid reporter Kate Major.

"Things may knock me down for a minute, but I get over it and I move on," she told People.  "But I'm horrified for my kids.  I'm just very disappointed.  It has caused so much stress.  I am so emotionally spent, and he is so emotionally unavailable.  And I worry: How in the world are my kids going to turn out?"

Kate added she's "mortified" about their children meeting Glassman.

"I don't care if she were the most upstanding, marvelous, full-of-integrity person in the world, it is just too soon," she told People.  "It is too soon."

Despite the apparent ease Jon had in finding love after Kate filed for a no-fault divorce in June, she reiterated that there is too much on her plate to consider a romantic relationship of her own.
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"Let me be clear on this: There is not going to be a romance anytime soon for me.  I barely have enough emotional energy for my kids, let alone anyone else," she told People.  "And besides, I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth.  I could be alone for the rest of my life, let's be honest.  Where am I going to find someone who wants to enter this weird world?"

Still, Kate said she wouldn't mind it if her kids had a father figure who wasn't Jon.

"It would be great for the sake of my kids for me to meet somebody who was upstanding, who had integrity, a real man," she told People, taking a not-so-subtle shot at Jon.  "For my boys to have a role model like that would be wonderful."

While love isn't currently a top priority, Kate said she does feel lonely at time.

"I do not like the feeling of being alone," she told People.  "The worst time of the day is when the kids are in bed, and I have no one to go over things with - that is when Jon and I would discuss stuff, talk about the future.  That's what I miss, having someone on my team, someone understanding me."

Even if Kate does eventually find somebody to love, she added they better not be looking for her to have more kids.

"That's a deal breaker right there.  He'd be thrown out for that one.  I am done," she told People.  "I am not the wife to have more babies with, absolutely not.  And I'd never do that to my kids."

Kate might not be looking for love, but that hasn't stopped the media from speculating that she's romantically involved with family bodyguard Steven Neild. 

However Kate reiterated that she simply finds comfort in Neild's companionship and also trusts the bodyguard and his wife, Gina.

"People have said, 'Well, if it's causing so much trouble, just hire someone else.'  No.  This person has kept me safe all the time.  There's a comfort level there," she explained to People.  "Honestly, I look at Steve like a big brother.  He and his wife are wise, they're rational.  And I trust them, which is huge.  After two years, not a single thing that they've seen or heard has ever shown up anywhere."

In addition, Kate said she's worried about the lack of privacy that could arise if she were to hire a new bodyguard.

"Sure, it's supposed to be confidential, but I don't trust that," she told People.  "Everyone who was supposed to stay confidential in my life hasn't.  They've always sold me out.  Including Jon.  So, across the board, I don't trust people."

Kate added she has been able to confide in a friend who is also going through a divorce, however their situations are a bit different.

"Her divorce is proceeding more humanely than mine," she told People.  "Sometimes I feel like it's a 15-year-old I'm getting divorced from."

As for her future, Kate said she "can't live in the past" and is trying her best to move forward.

"Moving forward, there's going to be a lot of scary, lonely days ahead.  I'm already feeling that.  But I'm ready to move on, to start over and pick up the pieces.  I have some big plans," she told People.  "I want to show my kids you can move on.  Even when it's tough, you take what you've got, look at the good and keep going."