Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch Jon Gosselin has denied rumors that his marriage is on the rocks following an alleged incident in which he was reportedly seen partying with college girls last month.

"It is certainly hurtful for people to spread rumors and lies about us. It certainly makes me reluctant to live my life like the average person would," said Jon in a statement issued by his rep and obtained by

"This has made it very clear that the simplest innocent gesture -- such as taking a picture with a fan, can be taken out of context. As you can see on the show, I am not perfect, but I am a part of a loving family and couple."

The incident in question reportedly occurred February 6 when Jon was allegedly at Mimi's martini bar in Huntington, PA, which is located three hours away from the new $1.3 million home he shares with his wife Kate and their eight children.

While at the bar, Gosselin reportedly met some girls from Juniata College -- who subsequently invited him to a house party, where he proceeded to play beer pong.

The evening out reportedly continued at Memories Sports Bar & Grill, where Gosselin allegedly continued to drink and flirt with girls from the college.

"He was dirty dancing with several of them, making out, kissing them on their necks and mouths," an eyewitness previously told Star magazine.  "I thought it was rather surprising for a father with his wife and so many kids at home to be acting like this. He was all over one girl, a long-haired blonde who's nearly 6 feet tall. He left with several of the girls, including her."

Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered on Discovery Health Channel in 2007 and currently airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT on TLC.
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