John Cena performed his new finishing maneuver on The Tonight Show which he recently debuted on WWE programming.

Cena, now with a new hairstyle, explained to host Jimmy Fallon that he learned the move while training with Jackie Chan in China. Cena and Chan are filming an action comedy together titled Project X.

The move, when translated from Mandarin, is known as The Lighting Fist. It involves Cena crossing his arms before delivering a sudden punch to the face. Cena said the punch is his sixth move of doom, a series of attacks which normally ends in a victory following an Attitude Adjustment.

The WWE star used the attack to win his match against Elias and Kevin Owens Saturday at Super Show-Down.

"I have tremendous accuracy with this deadly maneuver," Cena said while performing The Lighting Fist on Fallon. "But if you move, I will knock you out."

Cena was also on hand to promote his new children's book titled Elbow Grease. The story, Cena said, will teach kids the definition of gumption, to never give up and that it's okay to be different.

"I kind of go by the motto of never giving up and that's inspired a lot of young people, but sometimes parents feel that maybe the venue of WWE isn't ready for their kid," Cena said about the inspiration behind Elbow Grease. "I wanted to take that ethos and reach it out to a younger reader."