One stereotypical blond airhead Simpson family member apparently wasn't enough for MTV, as the network has announced that they've signed up Newlyweds co-star Jessica Simpson's little sister Ashlee Simpson for her own reality television show pilot.

Despite the fact that Ashlee, who just turned 19 years old and had previously already parlayed her celebrity name into an acting role on The WB's 7th Heaven series and a recent record deal with Geffen Records, is clearly following in her older sister's footsteps, the younger Simpson incredulously does not expect to be compared to her sister. "Jessica and my personalities are so different," Ashlee said. "We've always, always been into such different music. In fifth grade, I was obsessed with Green Day and was always going to punk shows, getting in the pit and gettin' dirty" Ashlee told

If the pilot for the as-of-yet untitled reality show is picked up, it will be set against the backdrop of the music industry and chronicle Ashlee's efforts as she records her debut album which is currently targeted for a June 2004 release. Although no possible series premiere date is mentioned, given the involvement of the Simpsons' domineering father/manager, Joe Simpson, we can't help but conclude that the premiere would be well in advance of the tentative June 2004 album release date. After all, as currently presented, the series would seem to be little more than a transparent massive promotion for the album.

And on the off chance Ashlee's own reality show never makes it to the airwaves, don't worry, "manipulator extraordinaire" Joe Simpson has a backup plan -- Ashlee will also be appearing on the second season of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which will air next year. For her part, Ashlee says she's "fascinated" by her big sister's hit series. Given that she's Jessica's sister, we can't say that comes as a surprise, if there's one thing the series has shown, it's that it doesn't take much to mystify a Simpson sister.