Jessica Graf can't wait to be reunited with Cody Nickson -- who has been stuck in the Big Brother jury house -- on Wednesday night's finale, but she's been hoping to receive a lot more than just a hug and kiss from her boyfriend.

Jessica, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Los Angeles, CA revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she thought, up until recently, Cody might propose marriage to her during the two-hour live finale on CBS.

"I was getting my hopes up for a while. I love the idea of it," Jessica admitted, "but I'm pretty sure he's not going to. I wish he would."

Earlier this week, Jessica posted a photo of Cody and herself kissing in the Big Brother house, writing that she can't wait to wake up to him every morning once they reunite.

Jessica and the former U.S. Marine, 32, hit it off right away in the Big Brother house on Season 19, as they were both very attracted to each other. Cody had a cold and tough exterior, but Jessica saw it as a challenge to break down his walls and enter his heart.

It took a lot for Cody to smile this season, but Jessica seemingly turned his world upside down. Cody found himself depending on Jessica for everything -- company, cuddles, support, strategy, and emotional stability. The pair fell in love and became inseparable in the house, making them a threatening and dangerous power couple.

Despite being outsiders in the house for weeks, Cody and Jessica never betrayed each other, even when getting rid of Cody could have potentially saved Jessica's game. Jessica, for example, used her "Halting Hex" temptation to stop Cody's eviction one week when her fellow houseguests begged her not to.

"The only time that Cody and I discussed not using the Hex was because he said he wanted to go home. He didn't want me to use it because he was really done and emotionally drained. When I was contemplating not using the Hex that was the reason, because he wanted to leave. It wasn't for the reasons they portrayed it as," Jessica explained.


The couple, however, wasn't perfect, and they had some rocky times in the house.

"The arguing I did with Cody was so unnecessary. If I could go back, I would take that back," Jessica told The Reporter.

Jessica was evicted from the Big Brother house just before making the jury, while Cody was sent packing shortly afterwards.

Jessica and Cody's greatest enemies, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez, are still left in the Big Brother game along with Christmas Abbott going into the September 20 finale, and Jessica believes Cody probably has some major sway in the jury house.

"Because everyone is such a beta this season, they need to follow somebody and Cody is the alpha," Jessica said. "So when everyone goes to jury, they're going to look for another leader, and Cody has the ability to swing the votes whichever way he wants. But I don't foresee Cody ever voting for Josh to win it."


Jessica also insisted that Cody has "a great chance of winning" the cash prize for being voted as "America's Favorite Houseguest."

"The only way he wouldn't win is if all of the Paul fans rally behind [other fan-favorite Kevin Schlehuber]. It's going to be close, that's why it's so important for us to unite the vote!" she explained.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.