Jennifer Love Hewitt said she and fiance Brian Hallisay are waiting until birth to discover the gender of their baby.

"The Client List" star said the couple have compiled a list of possible names -- both boy and girl -- for the baby.

"They're not traditional, but they're not crazy," she told Us Weekly of the names. "They're sort of middle ground."

"I'm due in December and I don't know what I'm having. Meeting the baby is what I'm most excited about," she told People magazine, adding that she's most nervous about breastfeeding.

Hewitt told People she finds being pregnant to be "an awesome thing."

"It definitely has its moments where you're like, 'Oh my gosh this is crazy,' but it's been beautiful," she said.

She said she's not thinking about plans for her wedding to Hallisay until after the baby comes and she's able to lose the baby weight. She said she's been on a stricter workout regime now than she was before she became pregnant.

"I've been working out about five to six days a week," she told People. "I do a lot of swimming, Pilates, yoga -- all good stuff for baby and for me. It gets difficult the bigger you get because it's more uncomfortable, but it's important."