Jennifer Lopez will celebrate her 50th birthday by touring the U.S.

The singer and actress, who turns 50 years old July 24, shared plans for her It's My Party summer tour during Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"My birthday's in July and so this summer I decided I wanted to do something big for my birthday, since it is a big birthday," Lopez told host Ellen DeGeneres. "I'm going on a U.S. tour! It's called It's My Party."

"We're going to celebrate! We're only doing I think 25, 28 shows," she added. "It'll be all throughout June and July."

Lopez also shared a story about how her boyfriend, former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, surprised her with a consultation with Fixer Upper alum Joanna Gaines for their two-year anniversary as a couple.

"I'm obsessed with Fixer Upper," the star said. "We actually got a little fixer upper next to the water ... I was like, 'Wouldn't it be amazing to have [Joanna] do it for us?' Because she doesn't do anything outside Waco."

"Come our anniversary ... He opens up FaceTime and it's Joanna Gaines," she recalled. "I'm looking at him and I was like, 'Oh, you listen to me. Like, I love you. Like you are so amazing.' It really blew me away."

Lopez and Rodriguez attended the Grammy Awards together Sunday. Lopez joined host Alicia Keys, former first lady Michelle Obama and other women onstage to discuss the power of music during the awards show.