Jean-Claude Van Damme is set to star as himself in Amazon's upcoming action comedy series "Jean-Claude Van Johnson."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Van Damme will be playing an exaggerated version of himself who comes out of retirement from Hollywood to continue work as a private security contractor.

Using his day job as the lead actor in a new film version of Huckleberry Finn as cover, the series will feature the action star chasing after the real-life adventures he always wanted.

Dave Callaham, who collaborated with Van Damme on "The Expendables 2" is writing the script and executive producing the project along with Ridley Scott and David Zucker.

This marks Van Damme's first time starring in a television series and the second time portraying himself, having appeared in 2008's "JCVD" which featured the 55-year-old caught in the middle of a post office robbery in his home country of Belgium.