Janet Jackson teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to perform her song "Runaway" using classroom instruments on The Tonight Show.

Jackson sang the lyrics while Fallon and The Roots recreated the track by using wood blocks, hand clappers, a kazoo, bongos and a tambourine, among other items on Wednesday.

"I've seen the world, been to many places/ Made lots of friends, many different races/ I've had such fun around the world it's true/ African skies with a Nairobi mood/ I fell asleep in Tuscany and dreamed/ The one thing missing was you," Jackson sang.

Fallon and The Roots also provided backup vocals. The group performed the song huddled together while nature footage appeared on a screen behind them.

Jackson was recently a featured guest on The Tonight Show where she discussed the creation of her classic album Control.

The singer is set to release a new album in 2020 titled Black Diamond. Jackson will begin touring North America starting in June.