James Franco has signed on to narrate the audio edition of Stephen King's supernatural classic "The Dead Zone."

Simon & Schuster Audio will publish the work on April 25.

"The Dead Zone" was previously adapted as a 1983 film starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, and a '00s television series with Anthony Michael Hall.

Franco recently starred as Jake Epping in the 2016 Hulu adaptation of "11.22.63," King's novel of the same name.

"James is a terrific actor," King said in a statement. "I knew that he would perfectly capture the vibe and voice of 'The Dead Zone.'"

"I've been a fan of Stephen King's work for a while now. He's one of the most pleasurable authors to read or listen to," Franco added.

"He just guides you along so well. Even though we're from different generations all his influences and things he references and subjects he's interested in seem to be all the things I'm interested in."

"We're thrilled to fill this black hole in Stephen King's audiobook universe," remarked Chris Lynch, president and publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio. "James Franco's narration is simply superb."