Lil' Kim's "boobs are leaking" in the Philadelphia federal prison where she's serving her sentence for perjury, a source told Thursday's New York Daily News.

"She needs to have them serviced," the source said.

The rapper -- whose real name is Kimberly Jones -- reported to the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia in September to serve her year-and-a-day sentence for lying to a grand jury investigating a shooting outside a New York radio station.

Although her rep told the Daily News Kim is "perfectly healthy," the newspaper said the rap star told relatives she is experiencing problems with her massive breast implants.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek noted "she's very small and she has very large implants."

Implant infections are rare, he said, but "if you're having physical symptoms like that, the best alternative is to put a smaller implant in," he said. "If she's actually leaking, then, yes, the implant should come out."

A Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman said "an inmate's medical history is not public" but noted there is a doctor on staff at the prison.