Jackie's gaydar may have improved, as she eliminated a gay guy and a straight guy on the second episode of FOX's Playing It Straight -- unlike the previous week's premiere in which the gaydar-challenged Wisconsin coed incorrectly eliminated two straight guys.

In the second episode, Jackie shared a romantic kiss with Ryan. Confident that she believed he is straight, Ryan thought he was a shoo-in to stay. Later at the barn dance, tensions rose as Ryan deliberately pushed Eddie's buttons. Later that night, Ryan tried to draw "out" Eddie in the hot tub, but things got too close for Ryan's comfort. Ryan announced to the rest of the gang that he thought Eddie was gay. Meanwhile Alex played shy-guy, which proved to be a disadvantage.

At the elimination ceremony, Jackie asked Alex, a law student from Washington, DC, and Ryan, a waiter from Santa Monica, CA, to leave Sizzling Saddles Ranch.

After Jackie explained that Alex was too introverted and Ryan exhibited poor behavior, she asked each the million- (literally) dollar question were they gay or straight? Alex revealed he is gay while Ryan claimed to be straight. Although Jackie's "gaydar" improved from the week-1 elimination of two straight guys, she still lowered her chances to win half a million dollars!

With ten men remaining some straight males looking for love, some gay men looking to win Jackie must figure out which guys are straight and which guys are... Playing It Straight. Hopefully she'll start to get a bit better at it.

Jeremy Mills and Ciara Byrne are executive producers of Playing It Straight, which is a Lion Television production.