Jackie Chan announced the Cannes film festival in France he is retiring from action movies at the age of 58.

"This is my last action film," The Daily Telegraph quoted the actor and martial-arts icon as saying about his 100th movie, "Chinese Zodiac," which is screening at the festival.

"I tell you, I'm not young any more. I'm really, really tired," he said. "And the world is too violent right now. It's a dilemma -- I like action but I don't like violence."

The Telegraph said Chan also talked about his plans to concentrate on more serious roles in the future.

"For the last 10 years, I have been making some other different movies. I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro. I don't just want to be an action star. I want to be a true actor. I want to get rid of my image," he said. "I want the audience to know I'm not only a comedian. I can act. Day by day, year by year, I'm going to show you the real Jackie Chan."