South Korean singer IU is gearing up to release her new EP.

The 24-year-old K-pop star shared her cover of the song "Autumn Morning" prior to the release of her album A Flower Bookmark Two.

IU surprised fans with the song Monday morning. She said in an Instagram post that the release was meant to coincide with the ninth anniversary of her debut as a singer.

"9 years since I've lived as IU. I'm happy I'm IU. UAEANA start your day in a good mood. Later today, open your present at 7 in the morning," the singer wrote of the song.

"Autumn Morning" was originally recorded by folk singer Yang Hee-eun and guitarist Lee Byung-woo in 1991. The Korea Herald reported Jung Sung-ha played guitar for IU's cover.

"When I was young, I often listened to the album of the two [Lee and Yang] whom I admire for their musical talents, as I could feel the fresh charm," IU said. "'Autumn Morning' is my favorite from the album."

A Flower Bookmark Two is a remake of IU's album A Flower Bookmark, which debuted in May 2014. The singer shared cover art this month for the album, which is scheduled for release Friday, Sept. 22.