The big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's killer clown tale "It" set several new box-office records this weekend.

"It" had the top horror film opening ever; biggest September opening for a film of any genre; and highest non-holiday weekend release for an R-rated film.

Sue Kroll -- president of worldwide marketing and distribution for Warner Bros. Pictures -- announced the milestones Monday.

The film, which began preview screenings last Thursday and officially opened Friday, has already earned an estimated $189.4 million in receipts worldwide.

"Anticipation for It has been at a fever pitch since the record-breaking debut of its teaser trailer, and the film has exceeded all expectations," Kroll said in a statement.

"It is not only a tremendously successful entry in New Line's expanding horror-verse, but its appeal transcends the genre. Everyone involved, including director Andy Muschietti, his cast, and the producers, did a remarkable job bringing Stephen King's cherished masterpiece to the big screen. I want to congratulate them, as well as all of our colleagues at New Line, on this fantastic start."

"I also want to recognize the inspired marketing campaign, spearheaded by Blair Rich, and our worldwide distribution efforts, led by Jeff Goldstein, Veronika Kwan Vandenberg and Tom Molter, and all their teams. We look forward to strong reviews and word-of-mouth carrying the film well into the fall/holiday season."

The film follows seven youngsters in 1989 Maine as they battle the terrifying, shape-shifting villain Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard.