Remember when the girls had an interview workshop and was told there were two types of interviews?  "Type #1" interview is when the person will not shut up and "Type #2" is when the person says nothing and you have to pull teeth to get a conversation going.  Well, Jael surprised the heck out of me.  Guess which type of interview she turned out to be?  Will she tell us if she is taking speech classes?  Will we find out why 50 cents pushed her in the pool and what will she do next.  Read on for the juicy details.

QUESTION:  The last thing you said to Tyra is that this has been the best experience ever.  What made it a great experience?

JAEL: I learned a lot about myself.  I am so proud to see that I am strong and I was able to do it.

QUESTION: When your friend passed away what thoughts were going through your head as to whether you should stay or leave the competition?

JAEL:  Definitely not; there was never, never a question in my mind to leave the competition. My friend is gone and I am still here living life to the fullest.

QUESTION:  How did it feel to pose nude with cold ice cream and the eye balls of many people watching your every move?

JAEL:  I loved it.  I totally strive to be fearless.  I am not uncomfortable with my body.  People should not be uncomfortable with their bodies and learn to be free.

QUESTION:  It seemed as though after your male makeover shoot, the judges were not pleased with your photos.  Were the shoots more difficult or did you feel you needed more direction from Mr. Jay.

JAEL:  I did not have a problem.  I guided myself in the shoots and they did not have anything bad to say with the other shoots.

QUESTION:  Did you feel they portrayed you correctly on the show?

JAEL:  Oh definitely.  I don't feel they portrayed me in a wrong way.  I looked like a well rounded person.  I'm satisfied.

QUESTION:  Who pushed you in the pool at the celebrity party?

   50 Cent.

QUESTION:  Why did 50 cent not want to be bothered with you?
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  He was intimidated by me.  He is used to people falling all over him and treating him like a celebrity instead of a real person.  I was real and that's what he could not deal with.

Note to reader:  Real?  Don't you mean... pesky?  She was like that pesky fly that keeps buzzing around your head -- you keep swatting it, but it just will not leave you alone.  Yup, that's Jael.

QUESTION:  What was difficult about doing the Cover Girl Commercial in Sydney, especially when you had cue cards?

  I was out of my character.  I cannot be fake and bubbly; that's not me.  I just cannot be like that.

Note to readers: WHAT???  She was not kidding.  From what we saw on the show she is more of a silly and goofy character and that's not Cover Girl's character.

QUESTION:  How did you feel about the judges always saying that they could not understand you?  Will you do anything about your speech?

  Nope, I am not going to do anything about my speech.  You can understand me... can't you?  (I said, "yes."  I had to work hard to pay attention to her thought process.  She seems to think faster than the words can come out of her mouth.  Therefore, in this interview I already knew how to keep up with her.) The judges just don't speak Jael.  It just went over their heads. 

QUESTION:  What will you do now?

   I will have my own reality TV show that will interview underground rock bands and musicians.  I will also definitely keep modeling.

I have nothing else to say about Jael.  I'm going to keep my mouth closed because I think  I've said too much already.  She is just a fabulous person in her own mind.  Good for her! I do wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors.

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