Instagram channel InstaMiniSeries will be the home of an upcoming 16-episode project based on David Bowie's final album, Blackstar.

Unbound, commissioned last fall by Bowie himself before his death in early January, will bring to life music from Blackstar through visual interpretations and storytelling.

Led by producing team Carolynn Cecilia and Nikki Borges, the series was developed using total creative freedom provided by unbridled access to the record-breaking album and associated images ahead of its release. The project was finalized in December 2015.

A trailer for the upcoming series, premiering Feb. 25 and expected to update four times a week, is now live on Instagram.

"David Bowie was a trailblazer, not just in the world of music, but in the art of storytelling. Whether through lyrics, melodies, film, theater or mythical persona he never fails to transcend WHAT WAS and set the tone -- and the bar -- for what CAN BE," said Unbound writer and producer Cecilia.

Co-producer Borges added: "David Bowie has always been about reinvention over repetition. Remarkably honest and passionate in his work, his innovations have influenced our own work as we transform a social media platform into a creative outlet. We are grateful to have the opportunity to participate with the chameleonic rock icon and honored to be entrusted with interpreting his art."