Concerns about potential juror bias delayed the start of jury selection in a Bahamian inquest into the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son.

A lawyer representing several witnesses at the hearing into Daniel Wayne Smith's death said that was the reason prospective jurors and the media were asked to leave the courtroom, the Bahama Journal reported Wednesday.

Godfrey "Pro" Pinder said Stern's attorney, Wayne Munroe, is arguing "that they should put a questionnaire to them so that they can determine the fairness of potential jurors, so that he can ensure that his client gets a fair shake." Pinder said Munroe had found cases he contends show precedent in questioning a juror in an inquest.

Pinder told the Journal it is possible Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez, who is presiding over the inquest, could hear the evidence himself.

Gomez was expected to hear arguments on the issue Wednesday and public jury selection was not expected to resume before Thursday.

Smith, 20, died last September at a New Providence hospital while visiting his mother and newborn sister, Dannielynn. He and his mother, who died last month, both died because of drug overdoses, authorities have said.