Tori Spelling is apparently inn love with the idea of participating in The CW's Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off.

"My dad [the late Aaron Spelling] always wanted to do a new version of 90210, so I'm sure he will be beaming from above!" the Tori & Dean: Inn Love star told People in a Friday report.  "I'd love to somehow be a part of it. That as well would make my dad proud!"

The 34-year-old played the role of Donna Martin for 10 years on the original 90210, which was produced by her dad.

"The show was a huge part of my life," she told People.  "I miss it dearly."

In addition, Spelling already knows what type of role she could play in The CW spin-off, which is currently being developed.

"Well, I am a mom now -- proud to say -- but obviously too young to have a teenager, so maybe I could be one of the main character's young stepmom," she told People. "Playing the funny sex-ed teacher at the high school would be funny too, considering Donna Martin was America's most infamous virgin."

Spelling first caught wind of the 90210 spin-off while doing interviews for her new book, "sTori Telling."

"I thought... it's about time," she told People. "I'm surprised it took this long for them to make a 90210 spin-off."

Oxygen recently renewed Tori & Dean: Inn Love for a third season, and it will follow Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott as they bid adieu to their Chateau La Rue bed-and-breakfast in Fallbrook, CA and move back to Hollywood.  Dubbed Tori & Dean: Still Inn Love, the show's third installment is scheduled to premiere this summer. 

Spelling and McDermott are also currently expecting their second child together.