Illusionist David Blaine, rehabilitated after submerging himself in a 2,000-gallon tank, is planning to challenge himself on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The New York Post talked with Blaine, 33, six weeks after he was pulled from a 2,000-gallon acrylic sphere outside Lincoln Center during ABC's "Drowned Alive."

"Challenging myself on this bridge has been my lifelong dream," Blaine, a Brooklyn native, told The Post.

Blaine told reporters the sphere stunt almost didn't happen after he consulted his friends, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, who expressed concern for Blaine's safety. But Blaine later decided to revisit the sphere stunt.

"It acted like an enormous magnifying glass," he said of the sphere. "The sunlight nearly fried me. I'm still burnt from it."

In 2003, Blaine spent 44 days in an acrylic box above the Thames River in London.