The force was not with Howie Gordon during last night's live broadcast of Big Brother 6, resulting in the self-proclaimed Jedi becoming the eleventh houseguest to be voted out the CBS reality series.

Howie, a 34-year-old meteorology student currently living in Boca Raton, FL, had been nominated for eviction by Ivette Corredero, Big Brother 6's eleventh Head Of Household. Ivette had won HoH (or, perhaps more accurately, been given HoH by fellow "Friendship" alliance member Maggie Ausburn) following last Saturday's ouster of Beau Beasley, Ivette's one-time secret partner.

After becoming Head Of Household, Ivette (the only remaining houseguest who had not already previously been HoH) nominated Howie and Janelle Pierzina, the final two members of the one-time powerful "Sovereign Six" alliance, for eviction. However, Janelle won the subsequent Power Of Veto competition, forcing Ivette to nominate April Lewis (one of her own "Friendship" allies) for eviction after Janelle used her prize to remove herself from the chopping block.

With Howie and April on the block and Ivette functioning as HoH, only two of the five remaining houseguests were eligible to cast eviction votes. After Janelle voted for April and Maggie voted for Howie, it fell on the acting Head Of Household to break the 1-1 tie. Although Howie and Janelle had made numerous attempts to persuade Ivette to come over to their side of the force, Ivette opted to remain loyal to April and Maggie, making Howie the eleventh houseguest evicted from the house.

As Big Brother 6's fifth jury member, Howie will now join Beau, James Rhine, Jennifer Vasquez, and Rachel Plencner as a member of the seven-person jury that will ultimately decide which one of the competition's final two houseguests will receive the show's $500,000 grand prize. Big Brother 6's finale will air live on Tuesday, September 20.

Once Howie was evicted and interviewed by Julie, the remaining houseguests competed in Big Brother 6's twelfth Head of Household competition. a trivia challenge that tested the houseguests' memory of when various house events occurred. Dubbed "Before or After," the seven-question challenge ended with Janelle answering every question correctly and easily defeating April and Maggie (as outgoing HoH, Ivette was not eligible to compete) to become Big Brother 6's twelfth Head Of household.