House Democrats on Thursday voted to block funding for the Trump administration's transgender military ban.

The measure, introduced by Rep. Jacki Speier, D-Calif., and 28 Democratic co-sponsors was approved by a voice vote as part of a series of amendments $1.3 trillion spending package including the fiscal 2021 defense appropriations bill.

Republicans opposed the package but did not demand a roll call vote and no lawmakers spoke for or against the amendment.

The amendment would bar using funds to implement the Pentagon's transgender service policy, which requires transgender people to obtain a waiver to serve in the military outside of their biological sex.

The Pentagon has stated this provision, and another allowing transgender people serving openly prior to its implementation to continue, indicates that the policy is not a ban but only one such waiver has been granted since the program went into effect in April.

The House approved the same amendment last year, but it was not included in the final bill.