Two sets of previous residents of a for-sale Idaho house said they moved out of the home for the same reason -- a snake infestation.

Neal and Denise Ard said they bought the house, which was built in 1920 near Rexburg, in January 2006 and soon discovered hundreds of garter snakes living inside the walls, under the floors and all around the home, KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, reported Wednesday.

"It's really hard to rest assured at night to not think you've got a snake in your bed with you or going to step on one when you get up," Neal Ard said.

The Ards left the house in less than one year and it remained on the market until August 2009 when Ben and Amber Sessions moved in with their family.

The couple said the real estate agent warned them about the non-venomous snakes, but they did not spot the reptiles until they surfaced later in the fall.

The house is currently owned by a bank, which said contractors are sealing the foundation of the home in an attempt to keep the snakes out.