Authorities in Colorado said it took about 4 hours to free a horse that fell into a window well and into a basement, but the animal was not seriously hurt.

Cory Stark, director of emergency management for Elbert County, and Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap said the horse plunged into the large window well, which may have been obscured by tall weeds, and into the basement of its owners' Sun Country Meadows home at about 9 a.m. Monday, The Denver Post reported Tuesday.

Rescuers said the 1,100-pound horse, named Summer, was brought out of the basement about 4 hours later after they excavated dirt from the window well to bring the sedated animal back out the way she came.

Stark said Summer was checked out by veterinarians and found to be free of serious injuries.

"It was a little scraped up and excited from the incident," Stark said.

Heap said the incident was unique.

"I've never seen a horse in the basement," Heap said.