If you thought Spencer Pratt was going to let Heidi Montag out of his life that easily, think again.

"[I'm] madly in love with Heidi and trying to win her back to marry her," Pratt said during a Tuesday morning interview on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show, according to People

Last night's pre-taped third-season finale broadcast of MTV's The Hills concluded with Montag moving out of her apartment with Pratt and traveling to her home state of Colorado to be with her family.  Montag then arrived at The Hills live after-party broadcast without her engagement ring from Pratt.

"In my mind I'm not moving on or looking for dates. I don't know where Heidi is, I know she needs her space, but I don't want to get back to my bachelor days," Pratt told Seacrest.  "Heidi is the most perfect girl on the planet."

However despite the admitted bad press lover's comments, skepticism of the legitimacy of the couple's breakup has already begun to emerge. 

Back in September, a "friend" of Montag and Pratt told OK! Weekly that The Hills couple everyone loves to hate was "going to stage a huge breakup, and Heidi is going to pack up all her stuff and move out of their apartment" -- a virtual blow-by-blow account of exactly what unfolded during last night's finale.

In addition, sources told People that while Montag went to the after-party sans Pratt, the couple was together at Los Angeles restaurant Koi following the live broadcast.

Pratt didn't offer any further details about the current status of his relationship with Montag during his interview with Seacrest, citing eight additional third-season episodes that are scheduled to air on MTV early next year as the reason.

"Eight episodes are going to clarify [what happened in the finale]," Pratt told Seacrest.  "It's top secret. I think the wedding is definitely on pause, last I heard."