A Pennsylvania high school student's basketball skills are going viral after she sank a buzzer-beating shot from the other side of the court.

Katara Key, a senior at Reading High School, used her right arm to lob the ball across the court as the buzzer sounded to close out the fourth quarter of the holiday tourney game against William Penn High School and the ball sank into the net, sending the game into overtime.

"When the ball actually went in the hoop, I just saw everybody jumping, people were running the steps, the band was just going crazy," Key recalled to WPVI-TV.

"There was just adrenaline after the shot, just kind of put in the bag after that," Key said.

The Reading Knights ended up winning the game in overtime.

Key said it wasn't just luck that carried the ball to the basket -- it was skill and practice.

"I just saw the spiral and I was like yeah, that's going in. I practice that shot all the time with my coach," she said.