Fox has revealed the identities of the 18 culinary contestants competing on the thirteenth season of Hell's Kitchen, which premieres with a two-hour episode on Wednesday, September 10 at 8PM ET/PT.

The new season of the culinary reality competition will continue to follow Chef Gordon Ramsay as he judges aspiring chefs who will compete to ultimately land a head chef position at one of his restaurants valued at $250,000.

Similar to last season, the 18 aspiring chefs will split up into two teams -- the Red Team will be comprised of all the women and the Blue Team will feature the men -- and present their signature dishes before Ramsay and a live audience in Hollywood during the premiere episode's first hour. The chefs will then struggle through their first dinner service, and one team will be so disappointing that Ramsay kicks them out of the kitchen.

In the debut episode's second hour, the Red and Blue teams will go head-to-head and dig clams out of sand sculptures in attempt to recreate Ramsay's Geoduck sashimi. The team to execute 15 excellent dishes will be able to enjoy time on a luxury yacht with Ramsay, while the losing team must clean up the sand and prepare appetizers for the dinner service. The broadcast will conclude with one chef getting sent home.

During Hell's Kitchen's thirteenth season, the chefs will compete in grueling challenges such as serving a speed brunch for a culinary graduation, impressing an exclusive club with special guest judges, and preparing dishes for "glampers" at a nearby campsite.

The following stars will be present at the season's dinner services: Former American Idol judge Steven Tyler, So You Think You Can Dance judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, talk show host Wendy Williams, pro basketball player Chris Bosh, Olympic gold medalist sprinter Allyson Felix, comedian Penn Jillette, and actor Lou Diamond-Phillips.

In the end, two chefs will square off for the title and coveted job position.  

Hell's Kitchen is produced by ITV Studios America in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions. Ramsay, Arthur Smith and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.

The nine Red Team members who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen's 13th season and their Fox-supplied bios are:

- Ashley Sherman, a 29-year-old lead line cook from Bethlehem, PA

- Denine Giordano, a 23-year-old culinary student from Philadelphia, PA

- Janai Simpson, a 24-year-old chef de partie from La Grange, GA       

- Jennifer Salhoff, a 33-year-old private chef from Philadelphia, PA    

- Kalen Morgenstern, a 32-year-old sous chef from River Oak, TX   

- Katie McKeown, a 23-year-old line cook from Dallas, TX

- La Tasha McCutchen, a 33-year-old kitchen supervisor from Winter Haven, FL    

- Roe DiLeo, a 33-year-old head chef from Dallas, TX  

- Sade Dancy, a 25-year-old lead line cook from Philadelphia, PA      

The nine Blue Team members who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen's 13th season and their Fox-supplied bios are:

- Aaron Lhamon, a 28-year-old lead line cook from Maynard, MA   

- Brian Santos, a 33-year-old sous chef from Boston, MA

- Bryant Gallaher, a 29-year-old lead line cook from Virginia Beach, VA    

- Fernando Cruz, a 28-year-old executive chef from La Quinta, CA     

- Frank Bilotti, a 26-year-old executive chef from Staten Island, NY      

- JP DeDominicis, a 28-year-old kitchen manager from Boston, MA

- Jr. Robinson, a 29-year-old private chef from Washington, DC     

- Sterling Wright, a 40-year-old grill chef from Nashville, TN     

- Steve Rosenthal, a 34-year-old executive chef from Detroit, MI