Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay eliminated Ashley Sherman from the thirteenth-season culinary competition during Wednesday night's broadcast on Fox.

Ashley Sherman, a 29-year-old lead line cook from Bethlehem, PA, was ousted from her Red Team after both the Red and Blue teams delivered a "dreadful" and "depressing" dinner service and therefore four chefs -- two from each team -- were nominated for elimination.

Rather than declaring a winning team after an Italian dinner service, Gordon threw out the following words: undercooked, overlooked, dry, salty, and f-cking disorganized. Gordan couldn't believe how badly each team performed considering it was the season's seventh dinner service. At one point, he kicked the entire Red Team out of the kitchen.

The four nominees were Ashley and Roe DiLeo, a 33-year-old head chef from Dallas, TX, for the Red Team as well as Aaron Lhamon, a 28-year-old lead line cook from Maynard, MA, and Steve Rosenthal, a 34-year-old executive chef from Detroit, MI, from the Blue Team.

The Red Team nominated Ashley for being a slow "disaster" and Roe for a "downslope pattern" in the kitchen and many hiccups along the way.

The Blue Team nominated Aaron because he didn't allow his team to help him at the fish station. Steve faced elimination because his team said he gets "rattled" very easily.

After each nominee pleaded his or her case as to why he or she deserved to stay in the competition, Gordon ousted Ashley. Gordon then revealed there was one last bit of business he needed to get to, and the episode ended in a cliffhanger.

Also in the broadcast, the two teams squared off in an Italian cuisine challenge in which one member from each team went head-to-head to present the same dish. The best dish would earn one point for the chef's team, and the team to receive the most points would win a shopping spree with $3,000 to split among them and a fancy lunch.

The Blue Team ended up winning the challenge. As a result, the Red Team was forced to prepare for the dinner service -- breaking down squid individually, extracting their ink sacks, harvesting the ink for pasta, and then making the pasta by hand.